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You may join SU and its affiliated organisations' membership, purchase their welfare products and enrol events online.

You may enjoy membership discount if you are a SU member. Some events are open to members only.

Are you a SU member? 您是否學生會會員?

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Points to note 注意事項

Students’ Union Membership 學生會會籍

  1. There are different types of memberships:
    • Full Member – for full-time CityU associate and bachelor’s degree students attending classes in Kowloon Tong Campus
      基本會員 —於城大九龍塘主校園修讀全日制課程之學生(深造課程及退會者除外)
    • Temporary Member – for CityU inbound exchange students
      臨時會員 —於城大交流之學生
    • Associate Member – for CityU students who are not eligible for other membership, CityU graduates and staff members
      附屬會員 —非基本會員之香港城市大學學生、香港城市大學畢業生及職員
    Please confirm your type of membership before filling in the form.
  2. Identity Proof: You will need to upload proof of identity to us for verifying your eligibility. For students, you may login AIMS, then go to Student Record > My Status > My Student Status and take a screen capture. For staff, please take a photo of your staff card. For graduates, you may use your CityU Alumni Card, CityU Credit Card or CityU Graduation Certificate as your proof of identity. Full name must be shown on your identity proof.
    資格證明:申請時須上載資格證明。城大學生: 請登入AIMS,在Student Record > My Status > My Student Status頁面截圖,然後上傳該截圖。城大教職員: 請上載職員證圖片。城大畢業生: 可上載城大校友證、城大信用卡或城大畢業證書作資格證明,文件必須能夠顯示全名。
  3. You are required to pay the Students’ Union membership fee to participate in events organized by the SU or its affiliated organizations. The Students’ Union membership fee for session 2022/23 is:
    • For new members: HK$150 (including entrance fee and annual fee)
    • For renewing members: HK$80 (annual fee)
    Your fee will be used to support the daily operation of the Students’ Union, as well as provision of welfare and student services to members. Part of your Union fee will be paid to your college / departmental societies as subsidy for their events.
    • 新入會會員:港幣一百五十元正(包括入會費和年費)
    • 續會會員:港幣八十元正(年費)

Payment Method 付款方式

  1. You may pay with the following methods if you enroll online, subject to the arrangements of the organizing organization:
    • FPS 轉數快
      Please scan the FPS QR Code using your bank mobile application, or enter the FPS ID displayed after successful registration. Please enter your Student ID as payment reference number. After payment, please upload your payment receipt.
      請使用銀行的應用程式掃瞄轉數快二維碼,或輸入轉數快識別碼(將於報名後顯示)付款。請在賬單 / 參考編號欄目,輸入您的學生證編號。付款後,請上載付款證明。
    • Tap&Go 拍住賞
      Please scan the QR Code with Tap&Go mobile application. After payment, please upload your payment receipt. Consumption voucher is accepted.
    • Octopus Cards 八達通卡
      Please scan the QR Code using Octopus App. Enter your Student ID in the remark field, and tap your Octopus Card at the back of your mobile phone / authorise the amount to be deducted from your mobile Octopus Card. After payment, please upload your payment receipt.
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express or UnionPay Visa 、萬事達卡、美國運通或銀聯卡
      Please select the button on the confirmation page to proceed. Your payment will be processed through Stripe.
  2. If you are unable to make payment online, you may also pay by:
    • Bank transfer/deposit 銀行轉帳/存款
      Use any ATM machine of Hang Seng Bank or HSBC to transfer or deposit (Hang Seng Bank ATM only) the amount payable to SU's bank account. Do not deposit cash via bank counter. Remember to take the bank advice. After payment, please upload your payment receipt.
    • Cash 現金
      You can pay your fee to the societies directly by cash. Please contact them via their social media platform for arrangement. Students' Union official receipt will be issued by them after receipt of payment.
  3. Your registration will only be completed upon receipt of your full payment. If you use Tap&Go consumption voucher for payment and your balance is insufficient to settle the whole amount, you may settle the remaining amount by FPS / Tap&Go personal account. For payment on Stripe, you can only settle the amount in full.
  4. If you are unable to pay with the above methods, please contact us for further arrangement.

COVID-19 infection control policies 2019冠狀病毒病感染控制政策

  1. You should perform a COVID-19 test within 24 hours before the start of the event, and submit a Health Declaration Form to the organiser on the first day of the event.
  2. You shall not participate in any events, including orientation events, if any of the following circumstances is applicable to you:
    • The result of COVID-19 test taken on the day of the event is positive 於活動當日進行的2019冠狀病毒病檢測結果為陽性
    • Undergoing mandatory quarantine 正接受強制檢疫
    • Have any symptoms of COVID-19 有任何2019冠狀病毒病病症
    • Your body temperature is higher than 37.5°C 您的體溫高於攝氏37.5度
    Please inform the organizer immediately. 請即通知主辦單位。
  3. Camp sites and restaurants are covered by Vaccine Pass requirements.
  4. You will need to use LeaveHomeSafe to enter certain premises, including restaurants.
  5. For all overnight events, you should measure your body temperature on every day of the event, and perform another COVID-19 test within 3 days after the event.
  6. If, within 14 days after completion of the events, you are confirmed of COVID-19, you should inform the organizer immediately.

Method of delivery 送貨方式 (Purchasing welfare products 購買福利產品)

  1. We only deliver within Hong Kong. You may opt for door-to-door delivery or self pick-up at designated pick-up point. If you wish to opt for door-to-door delivery, please enter your full address. If you opt for self pick-up point, please enter the pick-up point number.
  2. For SU products: We ship our products with Shiplus. Members should borne the delivery charges, which will be charged when you collect the items from the courier. There will be additional fee on remote areas. For Affiliated Societies, they may use other logistic services provider, which may have a different delivery charge. You may contact them for further details.

Refunds and withdrawals of membership 退款及退會

  1. Some orientation activities may have limitation on quota. You must pay the event fee to enroll for the event. No reservation is allowed.
  2. Events refund: 活動退款:
    • Participants are reminded to check their schedule to avoid overlapping their enrolled events. No refund will be offered if the participants subsequently found that two or more events happens on the same day.
    • If the number of applicants exceed the quota for the event or there is other organizer-induced factor, you may apply for a refund. Otherwise, all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
    • If the event is over-subscribed, the organizer may conduct lucky draw to select participants. Participants who are unable to participate in the events are entitled to full refund. They will be informed by the organizer directly.
  3. Members may apply to withdraw your membership. However, the membership fee will be refunded to you (after deduction of handling charges) only if you apply for Members Disaffiliation within 18 days after your membership is activated and you did not use any SU benefits (including participating in any orientation events) before you apply for withdrawal.
  4. If you pay using Tap&Go consumption voucher, your refund should normally be returned to your consumption voucher account. If you pay by credit card, the refund will be returned to your credit card account. For all other payments, refund will be made by cheque or bank transfer.
  5. You should retain the official receipt (Cash payment), bank advice (Bank Transfer payment) or anything that can proof your payment at least until you have enjoyed all the events and collected all welfare products. You must return the receipt if you wish to apply for refund (if applicable).

Personal Information Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明

  1. The information on this form is provided by you voluntarily. Your information will be used by us for providing SU services, confirming your membership and contact-related purposes, including:
    • Confirming your eligibility in enjoying discount in SU welfare platform
    • Conducting SU and its affiliated organisations’ event, including Orientation Camps
    • Conducting SU and its affiliated organisations' election
    • Providing other member benefits to you
    • Sending you SU and its affiliated organisation's announcements and its activity promotion messages
    Apart from the above purposes, your information will be kept confidential and will only be passed to other authorised officers on a need-to-know basis.
    • 核實您在學生會平台享用會員優惠之資格
    • 進行學生會及其轄下組織之活動,包括迎新營
    • 進行學生會及其轄下組織之選舉
    • 向您提供其他會員權利
    • 向您發布學生會及其轄下組織的公告及活動宣傳
  2. If you participated in any events, we may be obligated to transfer your personal data to health authorities if mandated by them. This is for the purpose of preventing the occurrence and controlling the spread of an infectious disease (including COVID-19).
  3. You may obtain a copy of or correct the information you provided, or opt-out from SU promotional messages. You may raise your request by contacting the SU Council Members Affairs Committee. If you do not provide the information required by the SU, the SU may not be able to proceed with your membership enrolment and may be unable to provide service to you. Thank you for your attention.

City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union