How to Pay?

Itmes to be paid 待付款的項目

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How to pay 付款方法

Amounts payable 應付金額: $0

Consumption Voucher 消費券 Instant Record 即時記錄

Faster Payment System / Tap&Go 轉數快 / 拍住賞

Computer 電腦

Please scan the QR Code using your bank / Tap&Go App and authorise the transaction.

Mobile device with Tap&Go App 裝有拍住賞的流動裝置

You will be redirected to Tap&Go App. Please authorise the transaction.

Please complete the transaction within the time limit. The system will automatically update your transaction record and send you an e-receipt. If you do not receive the e-receipt within 5 minutes, please upload your proof of payment for our manual handling.

Pay now 現在付款

Faster Payment System 轉數快

Input FPS Identifier: 163444979 and the amount payable. Enter your Identifier: as the bill reference. Take a screen capture of the successful payment screen. Press "Confirm Payment" button below and our system will try to automatically confirm your payment (If it fails, upload your proof of payment).
請輸入轉數快識別碼: 163444979 及應繳金額,並在帳單編號/參考編號輸入您的識別號碼: 。完成後,請按以下「確認付款」掣,系統會自動確認交易紀錄(如未能成功,請截圖並上載付款證明)。

We will verify your payment and send you a confirmation email.

Confirm Payment 確認付款 Upload proof of payment 上載付款證明
Consumption Voucher 消費券

Octopus Cards / Wallet 八達通卡 或 八達通銀包

"Octopus" mobile app is required. 您須安裝「八達通」手機應用程式。

  • Press "Pay now" below to connect to Octopus App. Alternatively, open the Octopus App, press the button on the top-right-hand corner and scan the QR code below. 按「現在付款」連結到八達通應用程式,或打開八達通應用程式,然後按右上方的按鈕掃瞄以下二維碼。
  • Input the total amount and enter your identifier as the reference. 輸入訂單總金額,並在備註中輸入您的識別編號
  • Take a screen capture upon completion of payment, then upload your proof of payment via the button below. 在交易成功頁面截圖,並按以下按鈕上載付款證明。
  • We will verify your payment and send you a confirmation email. 我們確認收到款項後會發出電郵確認。
1. Pay now 現在付款 2. Upload proof of payment 上載付款證明
Requirement 系統需求:
Making online payment by Octopus card is applicable for 用八達通卡作網上付款適用於:
  • Android – NFC enabled mobile devices 具備近場通訊功能(NFC)
  • iOS - iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 13 or above, or connected with Octopus Mobile Reader iPhone 7或之後型號,並已安裝iOS 13或以上,或已連接八達通流動讀寫器
Octopus Card payment is limited to payment below HK$3,000. 以八達通卡付款上限為港幣三千元正。
Reminder 提示:
It may take some time for us to verify your transaction. Do not make duplicate payment. For queries, please contact us via Instagram @cityusu or by email [email protected].
我們需時確認您的付款狀況,請勿重複付款。如有疑惑,請以Instagram信息聯絡 @cityusu 或電郵至[email protected]