Collection of SU Membership Subscription

Membership Categories and Amount 會籍分類及會費

Membership Fee Discount 會費折扣

Membership discount will be offered to Full Members and Associate Members who settled their membership fee from 10 August 2022 to 30 September 2022:

  • Full Members: Annual Fee $80, Entrance Fee $70
  • Associate Members: Annual Fee $100, Entrance Fee $50
  • 基本會員:年費 $80、入會費 $70
  • 附屬會員:年費 $100、入會費 $50
Members who pay their membership fee on or after 1 October 2022 are subject to the standard membership fee.

Full Members 基本會員

Full-time students who study at the main campus of CityU at Kowloon Tong are Full Members of the SU (except postgraduate students and withdrawers from the SU).

New members 新會員:
  • Annual Fee 年費: $140
  • Entrance Fee 入會費: $70
  • Total 共需繳付: $210
Existing members 現有會員:
  • Annual Fee 年費: $140

Associate Members 附屬會員

Students who are non-full members, Graduates and Staff of CityU are eligible to apply for the SU Associate Membership.

New members 新會員:
  • Annual Fee 年費: $140
  • Entrance Fee 入會費: $70
  • Total 共需繳付: $210
Existing members 現有會員:
  • Annual Fee 年費: $140
  • You will be regarded as existing members if you hold an active SU Full or Associate membership within the past 3 months.
  • SCOPE students who pursude a full-time programme at Advanced Diploma level or above awarded solely by SCOPE are eligible for Associate Membership. Currently, Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing is an eligible programme for Associate Membership.

Temporary Members 臨時會員

Exchange students at CityU are eligible to apply for the SU Temporary Membership.

Annual fee and Enrollment fee are waived for Temporary Membership. Only Administrative fee $20 is required.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題

Q1: I am a CityU Student and have paid membership fee last year. Why the system charges me entrance fee?

A1: If you did not complete the membership enrollment form or complete it with mistakes, the system may treat you as a new student and charge you entrance fee. In this case, please use your CityU Email address to send your payment proof in the previous year to our contact method stated in Q2 below. Please pay the fee after our process.
如您上一年度繳交會費時,(a) 未有填寫會員資料表格、(b) 填寫會員資料表格時,錯誤填寫某些個人資料,系統或會未能辨識您的繳費。在此情況下,請將上一年度繳交會費相關之證明,發送到Q2所述的聯絡方式。為減省行政不便,請您在本會會員事務委員會核實後才繳交會費。

Q2: Who can I contact if I have any problems?

A2: You may send us a message via Facebook Inbox or Instagram Direct.