Back to School Welfare Sales 學生會會物售賣

SU has prepared a set of back to school products to accompany your Semester B! Welfare Pack (including SU Masks, Matches, Single-line papers, red pockets, timetable card and calendar) is now on sale at a discounted price. SU members may enjoy even more discounts by entering a discount code upon purchasing designated amount. Come and get your set for a good start of semester B!

今個sem城大學生會準備咗一系列Back to School產品陪你一齊開sem! 除咗以往推出過嘅口罩、火柴之外,仲有超級多新野啊!🤩 包括SU 自家設計2023年月曆🗓️、SU利是封🧧… 仲有!仲有!今次有個超抵嘅開學福袋!(有啲野福袋先有嫁!)🥳🥳仲有學生會會員優惠!

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SU & Societies Membership 學生會及屬會會籍

You may join SU and its affiliated societies membership via this system. Fees can be settled in one transaction by FPS, Tap&Go, Octopus Cards, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Debit or Credit Cards. Read more details via the links below.


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You may have purchased some society products together with your orientation package. Check your order to confirm.


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