SU Hoodie 學生會刺繡衛衣

[GOING LIVE!] CITYUSU has just launched the latest product - SU Logo Hoodie!!😎 This will be your perfect choice for day-to-day school look!✨Get yours now!

[上架喇!] 城大學生會最新推出SU刺繡logo Hoodie!😎每日翻學着佢就最適合!✨快啲嚟買啦 ~

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Music Society Singing Contest 音樂學會歌唱比賽

It is the time for you to show off your singing talent!🎤 This year, CityUSU and MUSO will collaborate to host the Annual singing contest 2023. 🥰 If you are passionate in singing, you must not miss this chance! Perhaps, you may be the next shining star on stage!✨ We're looking forward to seeing you in our Heat! 🙌🏻

展示自己歌喉嘅機會嚟啦!!!時隔一年嘅音樂比賽終於重磅回歸🔥今年 SU將會同MUSO聯合舉辦2023年度歌唱比賽🤘🏻 對唱歌有熱誠嘅你 記得千祈唔好錯過呢個機會啦!可能你就係下一個喺舞台上發光發亮嘅星星🤩💗 期待喺初賽度見到你

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SU & Societies Membership 學生會及屬會會籍

You may join SU and its affiliated societies membership via this system. Fees can be settled in one transaction by FPS, Tap&Go, Octopus Cards, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Debit or Credit Cards. Read more details via the links below.


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