foodpanda × CityUSU Corporate Account and Free Three Months of pandapro
foodpanda × CityUSU 企業戶口 及 免費三個月pandapro

Benefits 福利內容

Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

Below are the terms and conditions for applying for "foodpanda x CityUSU Corporate Account and Free Three Months of pandapro":
  1. This event is only open to members of CityUSU (including full members, temporary members and associate members).
  2. This member benefit is provided by Delivery Hero food Hong Kong Limited (foodpanda Hong Kong).
  3. Upon successful registration, you will receive a CityUSU foodpanda corporate account and three months of free pandapro.
  4. Registration period starts from November 27, 2023, and ends on December 22, 2023, at 3:00 PM.
  5. Once approved, the CityUSU foodpanda corporate account will be valid for the duration of your membership. If your Students' Union membership expires, the foodpanda corporate account will be automatically cancelled.
  6. If you need to cancel the CityUSU corporate account, please visit our website to make a request.
  7. By participating in this event, you agree that CityUSU will share your registered personal information (limited to email and name) with foodpanda Hong Kong for the purpose of applying for the CityUSU foodpanda corporate account and obtaining three months of free pandapro.
  8. For foodpanda Hong Kong's privacy policy, please visit
  9. CityUSU is only responsible for registration and verifying the registor's eligibility. All services will be provided by Foodpanda Hong Kong. For more information about pandapro, please visit
  10. Both CityUSU and foodpanda reserve the right to cancel user-related services.
  11. CityUSU has the final decision-making authority for this event.
以下為申請「foodpanda × CityUSU 企業戶口及免費三個月pandapro」的條款及須知:
  1. 此活動只限城大學生會(本會)會員(包括基本會員、臨時會員及附屬會員)登記。
  2. 此項會員福利由 Delivery Hero Food Hong Kong Limited(foodpanda Hong Kong)提供 。
  3. 登記成功後,您將獲得一個城大學生會 foodpanda 企業戶口及三個月免費 Pandapro
  4. 登記日期由2023年11月27日開始至2023年12月22日下午三時。
  5. 一旦成功申請, foodpanda 企業戶口有效期將會跟隨會籍。一旦學生會會籍到期,foodpanda 企業戶口亦會自動取消。
  6. 如需要取消城大學生會企業戶口,請透過本網站提交申請。
  7. 您同意本會將會員在城大學生會所登記的個人資料(只限於電郵及姓名)轉交至 foodpanda Hong Kong 用於申請城大學生會 foodpanda 企業戶口及獲得免費三個月 Pandapro
  8. foodpanda Hong Kong 的私隱條款請瀏覽
  9. 本會只負責登記及核實同學有關資料是否符合活動資格,服務均由 foodpanda Hong Kong 提供,pandapro 的詳細資料請瀏覽
  10. 本會及 foodpanda 均有權利取消用戶相關服務。
  11. 本會擁有活動最終決定權。

Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

Q1: Why I am unable to register? 為何我未能登記?
This member benefit applies to current SU members only. If you have not yet paid the membership fee for the year 2023/24, you may click here to complete the membership enrollment procedure. It is also possible that the details you entered differ from our records if you have already paid the membership fee. Try again or call 3580 7430 during office hours to seek help from the SU Counter staff.
此會員福利只適用於2023/24年度學生會會員。如您尚未繳交本年度會費,請按此完成會籍登記程序。如果你已成為學生會會員,可能你所輸入的資料與你所登記的會員資料不吻合,請你再次嘗試填寫或在辦公時間聯絡學生會職員協助(電話:3580 7430)。
Q2: When will I have access to pandapro after registration? 我何時可以開始享用 pandapro 優惠?
Within a few days of registering above, you will receive an email with a QR code to activate your foodpanda Corporate Account. Once you activate the account, you can access pandapro for three months at no cost.
登記後數日內你會收到一封內含二維碼的電郵供您啟動您的 foodpanda 企業戶口。由啟動日起計,您可享用三個月的免費 pandapro
Q3: What will happen to the Corporate Account after 3 months? 三個月使用期過後會發生甚麼情況?
You will continue to have access to your CityUSU foodpanda Corporate Account. You may continue to enjoy the exclusive benefits for corporate customers until your SU membership expires.
您可以繼續使用您的 foodpanda 城大學生會企業戶口,以享用 foodpanda 向企業戶口提供的專屬優惠,直至你的學生會會藉終止為止。
Q4: Will I be charged pandapro subscription fee automatically after 3 months? 三個月後會否被自動收取pandapro訂閱費用?
No. If you want to continue your pandapro subscription, you will need to make payment separately and it will not be automatically charged to your credit card.
不會。如果您屆時希望繼續 pandapro 訂閱,您必須另行付款,而系統不會自動向您的信用卡收取任何費用。
Q5: Will the Students' Union have access to my order information made through the foodpanda CityUSU Corporate Account? 城大學生會能否存取我透過 foodpanda 城大學生會企業戶口所進行的訂單資訊?
CityUSU will not have access to any personal and private information related to your order (e.g., credit card information). We may access some order information, e.g. the number and amount of orders, to evaluate the service. We will not disclose or transfer your information to any third parties.
Q6: What should I do if foodpanda overcharged me, or the food I ordered does not arrive? 如 foodpanda 收取錯誤費用或食物沒有送到,應該如何處理?
Please use the "Help Center function" on foodpanda platform to seek assistance.
請使用 foodpanda 平台上的客服中心尋求協助。

Other enquiries 其他查詢
We may only help with registration or SU membership-related enquiries.
Please contact us via Instagram @cityusu or call the SU Service Counter at 3580 7430 during office hours if you need help.
請透過Instagram私訊@cityusu聯絡我們,或於辦公時間致電3580 7430聯絡本會職員。