Emotif, The 39th Executive Committee of Music Society, City University of Hong Kong Students' Union 香港城市大學學生會第三十九屆音樂學會幹事會樂情

Annual Singing Contest 校內歌唱比賽 2024 聲願傳城

Information 資訊

By hosting the annual singing contest, we hope to provide a chance for students in CityU to show off their talents, communicate with other contestants, and to share their experiences and skills in music to strive for improvement.

The competition is open to all CityU students, including Bachelor's Degree, Associate Degree and Research Students.

How to enroll 報名程序

  1. Choose whether you would like to participate in Solo Unit or Group Unit.
    • Solo unit only applies to single contestant or band with ONE main vocal only;
    • Group unit only applies to band with MORE THAN ONE vocals.
  2. If you would like to enroll in Group Unit, please enter the SID of the other participants.
  3. Please pay the amount as shown. You need to pay the fee online by FPS, Tap&Go, PayMe, Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay.
  4. If you are unable to pay online, please seek assistance from the SU Service Counter.
  5. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive two emails: (1) Receipt, and (2) Instruction to complete the Google Form. Please complete the Google Form within 72 hours to provide more information about you (and your team) and upload your MMO (if needed)
    於確認成功付款後,您將收到電子收據及填寫Google Form報名連結。請按電郵指示於72小時內填寫Google Form以提交更詳細的參賽者資料及上載MMO(如有需要)

Date and time of the contest (Heat) 初賽比賽時間:
  • 24/3 (Sun 日) 1pm - 7pm
  • 25/3 (Mon 一) 4pm - 7pm
  • 26/3 (Tue 二) 4pm - 7pm

Fee 收費:

Solo unit: Member $100; Non-member(s) $150
Group unit: Member $150 per group; Non-member(s) $200 per group; Additional fee for groups with more than three contestants: $30 per person

Please be noted that at least one of the participants in a group must be full members of the Music Society in order to pay the member fee. If you wish to enjoy the member price, the one who holds valid Music Society membership should enroll for the group.

An additional fee of $30 will be charged per participant when there are more than three contestants in a group. (eg. The member application fee for a four people group will be $180 and $210 for a five people group)

Enroll now 現在報名

Enrollment closed. Thank you for your support!

Enquiry 查詢

Notes 備註

  1. SU members who are not Music Society members may choose to join Music Society membership to enroll the Singing Contest at member price. You must first pay for the Music Society membership fee, then enroll the Singing Contest and pay for the entry fee separately.
  2. To verify your identity, you must login to enroll. If you have never been an SU member, you may choose "Login with Microsoft 365" and enter your CityU email address to login. You will be required to provide your Student ID number and contact phone number before you are allowed to enroll.
    為確認您的身份,您必須登入後才能報名。如您從未成為學生會會員,請於登入頁面選擇 "Login with Microsoft 365",並以您的城大電郵地址登入。您須先提供您的學生證號碼及聯絡電話號碼,才能報名參賽。

Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

  1. We welcome all students from City University of Hong Kong (Undergraduate, Associate and Postgraduate students).
  2. Each participating unit can only choose one song.
  3. Each participating unit must prepare instrumental music (MMO) or choose to bring their own instrument(s) for performance (Electronic keyboards will be provided).
  4. The competition scores are determined by the average of the judges' scores.
  5. The scoring criteria are based on pitch(25%), pronunciation(25%), singing skills(25%) and emotions(25%).
  6. Participants cannot choose songs with foul language or sensitive words.
  7. Participants can use instrumental music. However, we only accept the MP3 format of instrumental music (quality of 256 kbps or above).
  8. The performance time is limited to 2 minutes and 30 seconds for every unit.
  9. Application fees will not be refunded.
  10. The committee reserves the right to make the final decision on dates and time slots.
  11. All the personal information is only for data collection and will be protected.
  12. In case of any dispute, the committee reserves the right of final decision.
  1. 是次比賽歡迎所有香港城市大學學生(於城大就讀學士、副學士、研究生)參與。
  2. 每個參賽單位只能自選一首歌曲進行演出。
  3. 每個參賽單位須自備背景音樂或樂器作伴奏(大會將提供鋼琴)。
  4. 是次比賽分數將取決於評審的平均分。
  5. 是次比賽將由音準(25%)、咬字(25%)、歌唱技巧(25%)及情感(25%)作為評分準則。
  6. 參賽者不能選擇含粗言穢語或敏感字眼的歌曲。
  7. 參賽者可以使用純音樂伴奏,唯本會只接受MP3格式(音質256kbps或以上)的純音樂伴奏。
  8. 每組參賽者的表演時限為2分30秒。
  9. 參賽者已付報名費用後將不設退款。
  10. 本會保留比賽日期及時間安排的最終決定權。
  11. 大會所收集的個人資料會絕對保密,並只作為資料收集的用途。
  12. 如有任何爭議,大會將保留最終決定權。