The 38th Provisional Executive Committee of Music Society, City University of Hong Kong Students' Union

Annual Singing Contest 校內歌唱比賽 2023 聲夥燎炫

Information 資訊

By hosting the annual singing contest, we hope to provide a chance for students in CityU to show off their talents and to communicate with other contestants. Moreover, we strive to help contestants gain confidence, and to improve their singing skills from the feedback given by professional judges. This contest welcomes all members who have handed in SU fee to the City University of Hong Kong Students' Union (including Undergraduate, Associate Degree, Post-graduate and Exchange students) to participate.


How to enroll 報名程序

  1. Choose whether you would like to participate in Solo Unit or Group Unit.
    • Solo unit only applies to single contestant or band with ONE main vocal only;
    • Group unit only applies to band with MORE THAN ONE vocals.
  2. If you would like to enroll in Group Unit, please enter the SID of the other participants.
  3. Please pay the amount as shown. You may pay online by FPS or Tap&Go, or use ATM to make a transfer (uploading bank advice is required)
  4. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an email. Please complete the Google Form as shown in the email within 72 hours to provide more information about you (and your team) and upload your MMO (if needed)
    於確認成功付款後,您將收到電子收據,請按電郵指示於72小時內填寫Google Form以提交更詳細的參賽者資料及上載MMO(如有需要)

Date and time of the contest (Heat) 初賽比賽時間:
  • 9/3 (Thu 四) 7pm - 10:30pm
  • 12/3 (Sun 日) 1pm - 5:30pm
  • 13/3 (Mon 一) 7pm - 10:30pm

Fee 收費:

Solo unit: Member $100; Non-member(s) $150
Group unit: Member $150 per group; Non-member(s) $200 per group; Additional fee for groups with more than three contestants: $40 per person
團體組:基本會員$150/組;非基本會員$200/組 ; 多於三人的額外收費$40/人

Please be aware that groups with more than half members being NON-Music Society members will be charged non-members fee. An additional fee of $40 is chargeable per head when your group has more than three contestants.
For example, A group with four people (more than half of the group are Music Society members) will be charged with $190 in total; if more than half of the group are NON-Music Society members, the group will be charged with $240.

Credit card payment is not applicable to this event.

Enroll now 現在報名

Online enrollment is now closed.

For more details, please visit Instagram @cityumuso.
如欲了解更多詳情,請瀏覽Instagram @cityumuso